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You know what your objective is. We are the catalyst to get you there.
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We use data-backed research and user interviews to inform our strategy from concept to execution.


Design and data go hand in hand. We use our research to complement our experience when building out & designing any content.


Test and learn—we believe in the agile process, iteration by design, and chasing an ever-moving target.

The design process, at its best, integrates the aspirations of art, science, and culture.


Annabel Jones
Co-Founder & CEO
Nicole Guernsey
Co-Founder & Creative Director
Allie Stone
Social Media & Copy Wizard

After months of searching for a brand development partner, we came across Nicole. Her creative thinking, friendly personality, and proactive service model made it an easy decision to choose her to work with. I am so glad I did! Right from the beginning she started asking all the right questions. She built an amazing, interactive website and incorporated everything we were looking for. Nicole absolutely went above and beyond throughout the whole process and we plan to use her moving forward for all future social media and brand projects.

Jason Hillman, co-Owner 
Fresh. Local Ice Cream

We were lucky enough to connect with Annabel the first year of our business and she has remained involved in our brand development ever since. Annabel has a way with words... She understood the voice of Verde immediately, the nuances of who the brand is and how it speaks to you. The fact we never explained the voice speaks to her talent; the insight she had in truly experiencing a brand on her own to deduce it's personality was exceptional and she has continued to do so.... Annabel is who we turn to first when we have limited space to say something but need to say so much; she can turn a few words into an entire story and we are so fortunate to have her on our team.

Jennifer Ferrebee, Owner and Founder

I commissioned Annabel to author the press release for the launch of my namesake creative consultancy, “Claymaker,” as well as my personal bio and company vision statement.  Her language beautifully captures the spirit and essence of both myself and the “Claymaker” brand.  Annabel greatly aided in simplifying and focusing the company vision while depicting it in the same artistic fashion as our visual content.

Clay Greenhaw, CEO and Co-Founder

A good friend suggested that I contact Nicole about finishing my book layout and cover, and I consider that a moment of great good fortune. Nicole is skilled, prompt in communicating, very professional, always on-time, and a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

Sandy Hickson Carter, Author

When we began working with Annabel, Cannonborough Beverage Company was in its infancy slinging suds at the Charleston Farmer’s Market. Annabel always understood how to leverage social media, marketing and public relations to get our sodas from a farmer’s market stand into more hands. Annabel’s hard work and creativity earned us media mentions, helped us solidify our ‘jerks’ branding, grew our social following, and helped raise our visibility in a truly meaningful way. The early press she secured us really helped to set the brand on the right foot, and the photo she took of us back when we first started is still the one we use on our website today.


Annabel approaches marketing, social media and public relations challenges with tenacity. Our niche within the marketplace is unique and Annabel understood our needs immediately. From copywriting emails to managing social media, Annabel has helped our business grow. In particular, the publicity she earned for us in major publications and influential blogs remains one of our largest sources of referral traffic to this day. She’s one of the first people we approach when we need PR support for this reason.

Scott Peckham, Co-Founder